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Hold effective meetings with Video Chat

Video conferencing is a great way to manage remote teams. But it can be complicated and unreliable. Workplace Chat makes it easy, with one-click video calls on desktop and mobile. No dial-in codes. No confusion. Just crystal clear home video conferencing.

Keep events on track with Live Video

Just because people can't come to your event doesn't mean the event can't come to them. With Live video on Workplace, you can broadcast to an unlimited online audience from your phone, laptop or professional studio. And because everybody can participate in real time, they still get the feeling of 'being there'.

Capture people's attention with Video Posts

According to Facebook's own research, video is five times more engaging than text or photos. So if you want people to pay attention to the latest health or travel advice, it's the only way to go. When you share videos on Workplace you can also start conversations in the comment threads and get lightweight metrics through reactions and view counts.

Keep people informed with Groups

Great communication is essential to keep remote teams informed and connected. With official groups on Workplace you can gather your entire company, region or team in a single, dedicated space to share updates, gather feedback and respond to questions.

Collaborate with partners in Multi-Company Groups

Just because you can't travel to meet suppliers, customers or partners doesn't mean you can't continue to collaborate remotely. With Multi-Company Groups, you can securely invite external parties to join you on Workplace, with access to groups, instant messaging and file sharing.

Integrate with your current tools

Workplace offers seamless remote team collaboration. How? By integrating with the tools you already use, whether it's for access (Azure AD, G Suite), productivity (Office 365, Jira, SurveyMonkey) or file sharing (Drive, Dropbox, Box).