Contact support for Meta work accounts

Users and admins have access to the help center for Meta work accounts.
If you need Portal product support, visit the Portal for Business help center.
How to contact support
You can contact support by raising a ticket. Only system admins can raise a support ticket for Meta work accounts. System admins can do this for themselves or on behalf of other people in their organization, including non-admin users.
To raise a support ticket:
  1. Log into Admin Center.
  2. Click Contact supportSupport at the bottom.
  3. In the top right, click Contact support.
  4. Select the topic of your question.
  5. Fill in the form. This includes:
    • Title: write the subject of your ticket.
    • Description: tell us what the problem is.
    • Priority: choose from None, Low, Medium and High.
    • Affected users: enter the email addresses of impacted users. This can include your email address as well as other users’ with the same issue.
    • Upload attachments: if relevant, you can attach images, videos, spreadsheets, plain text files, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Word documents and PCAP (packet capture) files.
  6. Click Confirm.
Check or change the status of your organization’s support tickets
To check the status of your organization’s support tickets:
  1. Log into Admin Center.
  2. Click Contact supportSupport at the bottom.
  3. There may be a list of tickets. Use the search filter bar to find the ticket or tickets you're looking for more quickly.
  4. In your list of tickets, you will be able to see title and description, when the ticket was created, who created the ticket, topic, current status and the date that the status changed to this.
  5. If you need more information, click View next to an individual ticket. Then, you can:
    • See messages sent in relation to the ticket from support.
    • Send a message by clicking in the Write something… box, writing your message and adding any attachments if necessary, then clicking Submit.
    • When you send a message, you can also close the ticket by clicking the box next to Close this question?. If you want to reopen a closed ticket, follow the same process but click the box next to Reopen this question?. You must include a message alongside all requests to close or reopen tickets.
    • Add other admins in your organization as subscribers to the ticket. To do this, click Add in the Subscribers box, write the names of admins in the box and select them from the dropdown menu, then click Submit.
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